˽av's Top-Selling Vinyl Windows Appear On Beautiful New Home And Guest House In Florida


Whether it’s railroads, ranches, or recreation, something is always attracting people to Kissimmee, Florida. This city in the central region of the Sunshine State has grown every decade since its first appearance in the U.S. census in 1890, with today’s population clocking in at approximately 70,000.

Throughout its history, people have found a reason to stay in Kissimmee. Maybe it’s the beautiful weather, maybe it’s the proximity to the ocean, maybe it’s being a stone’s throw from nearby Disney World. The fact is, the city continues to expand, forcing a development boom that’s been ongoing in Kissimmee and the surrounding region for decades now.


One family recently decided to build a compound in Kissimmee from the ground up. Complete with a single-family home boasting a spacious patio and swimming pool, an apartment overtop of the garage, and a two-story guest house in the back, this estate was completed in 2018 by Regatta Building & Development. The entire complex is adorned with 27 windows manufactured by ˽av Windows and Doors.

“We’ve used ˽av Windows for some time now,” says Kimberly L. Johnson, Director of Operations for Regatta. 
“They produce top-notch windows, one of which performs particularly well here in the South.”

The windows – which were sold and installed by Builders FirstSource – are all from ˽av’s 3540 Series. It’s the company’s top-seller in Florida.

“It’s a quality window that’s offered at a competitive price,” says Josh Williard, ˽av’s Director of Products. “Most importantly, it meets the Florida design pressure requirements without compromising on style and aesthetics.”

A vinyl window ideal for new construction projects, the 3540 single-hung features reinforcements in the sash, heavy-duty weatherstripping, and a heavy-duty tilt latch to further enhance the window’s dependability, making it an excellent high-performance single-hung window option for the most demanding projects.
It’s also ENERGY STAR®-qualified in three U.S. climate zones, so this energy efficient single-hung window is built to last and perform.

The single-hung windows on the buildings are complemented by ˽av’s 3540 picture windows. Offering superior style and traditional craftsmanship with details like beveled exterior edges and a welded vinyl mainframe, this picture window also has narrow sight lines providing wide, unobstructed views. And both the 3540 picture and single-hung windows come with multiple grid, shape, and color options.

“They’re available in three extruded colors,” says Steven Starkey, the ˽av sales representative on the Kissimmee compound. “They also come in bronze or black exterior laminate, giving builders many options to meet the evolving demands of today’s increasingly style-conscious homeowners.”

On the Kissimmee property, the homeowners went with the traditional white. They also took advantage of ˽av’s grid options by having them installed in a Colonial pattern on the windows.


When it came time to order the picture windows, the owners decided that they wanted the specially constructed “racetrack oval” design.

“We have the tools to make unique shapes if the job calls for it,” Williard says. “In these homes, I think the racetrack oval was a great choice; it really gives the buildings a modern feel.”

Modern is a good way to describe the entire estate. The primary home and garage/apartment are joined by a metal atrium that soars above a brick-laden patio that features a swimming pool and hot tub. The patio includes a built-in grill, smoker, and sink.

Just beyond the pool is the guest house, which boasts a full kitchen, downstairs bedroom/office, and a full bath and bedroom on the second floor. Behind the guest house is an open tract of land, featuring a standing of longleaf pine trees in the distance.

“This is a beautiful property,” Johnson says. “Whether you’re admiring it from the outside or standing inside and taking in the beauty of the compound and surrounding land by looking through the ˽av windows, it’s a great place to be.”

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